Facebook…a life shared.

Once upon a time I had a Facebook account. Back in the early stages when it was young. I had a farm, (for a very short time,) and I ‘met’ many people from my past. I ‘checked out’ people, just as we all do. My daughter’s friends, friends from years ago…”Wow, they’re aging pretty well, or not so well.” I used it primarily to stay in touch with our two oldest daughters, far away in upstate New York, going to school. I could say, “Hi!” with very little time expended and watch their lives through all the pictures they took.

Once upon a time I had a Facebook…then our oldest daughter married, their oldest son, our first grandchild was terribly burned by a water distiller, I took a full-time job at our local nursing home as an Activities Assistant, we put our two youngest children in school because I was working full-time…and life rushed by.

It doesn’t take a brain scientist to figure out that the above paragraph was a recipe for disaster. Too many HUGE changes in too short of time. I stopped going to the gym, connecting with my children and I stopped writing. And I closed my Facebook. I couldn’t handle what was going on in my own tiny, little world, much less keep up with everyone else’s’.

We all look back on our lives and see situations that we wish we had handled differently. We wonder what life would have been like if we had made a different decision. In some areas we KNOW we should have tackled it from another angle…but it can’t be changed now. So we start down the new, rocky road, kicking aside the stones that bruise us and forge ahead, praying that smooth pavement isn’t too far over the next hill.

I can look back now and know I shouldn’t have taken that full-time job. I should have kept my girls at home with me, just as I had for so many years. Not that it was terrible to put them in school, but it was terrible to make such a huge change at that time. I should have traveled to Ohio to be with our oldest daughter and our grandson. She had a wonderful support system there…her husband’s family. God worked that out much better than we all could have planned. But our daughter should have been the priority…just being there.

I don’t write this with regrets or guilt…well maybe, just a little, I’m a mother. But more to say that we all have a journey, a rough and rocky road to travel. That road is very seldom smoothly paved, dark and glistening in the sunlight. But we do have to travel it. We each have to prioritize our lives.

Once upon a time I had a Facebook.


What are your thoughts on this?

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