Where do you call home? And is that a particular country, state, city or rural community you live in? This question has many answers…and here is a bit of academics thrown at you on a Monday morning…there are many sub-points. I used to groan and open up my notebook when the teacher made that comment when I was in school. You knew the deluge was coming!

Much to my very excited surprise…the new cover is here on my blog this morning!!! Yippee!!! I thought I was going to have to do something…but Amazon was one step ahead of me. Ta-da…and it’s done! And isn’t it just gorgeous!? I LOVE this cover and I am SO excited to see what Julia Ryan is going to do with the next three! Please be advised, if the back cover is still showing blue and white, rather than a continuation of the front cover, it will change. I am still waiting for that, and they said 3-5 business days. The back cover is just as gorgeous as the front cover. Julia did an excellent job! Thank you, so very much, dear friend.

I began the Rubyville series out of a desire to remember all the small towns across Kansas that sit abandoned and hopeless looking. It seems so very sad to me that these places are only remembered by the elderly and when they are gone, most of the memories will be as well. These towns dot the Kansas landscape and they were once vital, thriving communities. Many people called these towns home at one time. Their houses were there, they shopped and collected mail, went to church on Sunday morning. Sometimes, more often than not, generations of a family resided in this one town for all their lives. They called that town, ‘home’, and they were very content to live out their days there.

The Rubyville series follows the women of the Barton family. William Barton founded Rubyville in 1863. He was in the railroad business…very lucrative for some during that time period. The series of books follows his daughter, Annabella and the next three generations as they live their lives. The books concentrate on the strong women in the family, after all, this is Women’s Christian Fiction! Yes, they each venture outside the confines of Rubyville, but they always return…wanting A Place to Call Home, A Place of Refuge, A Place to Heal and A Place in My Heart.

So where is your place to call home? Is it only a location on the map, or a place in your heart with special memories of family and friends? I know mine is that special place in my heart…and it doesn’t really matter where it is on the map.

Be sure to check out Julia’s site here: Julia Ryan / www.DesignByJulia.com

You may purchase my first book, To Thee I’m Wed through Amazon, as well as Rubyville, A Place to Call Home. These two books are also on Good Reads. The second book in the series, A Place of Refuge, is coming soon! So be on the look out! Thank you to those that have been so supportive by purchasing my books and leaving reviews! Reviews are cherished by an author, and give them feedback from you, the reader. So PLEASE review! It is greatly appreciated. Have a fantastic week!



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