Happy First Anniversary, Jon and Courtney…June 7, 2015!

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Life rushes by. We learn to walk as toddlers, skip through our teenage years, run through our young adulthood and now it’s galloping, me holding the reins for dear life. Anyone that has been on a run-away horse knows the feeling well. I want the horse to stop, (slowly of course and not dump me on the ground.)  I want to sit under a huge tree, munching an apple, the sun filtering down through the leaves, a breeze caressing my face and setting the grass around me to a nice sway. I want to lean against that tree, the rough bark gently scratching my back and I want to sit there…for a long time. Then I would replay all the wonderful moments of my life in slow motion, savoring the memories of them, the emotions that assailed me at the time. I would take each one and stroke it gently, holding it close to my heart and locking it there for the years ahead.

My early, growing-up years with my family, my grandfather whistling as he worked. The first time I saw my now-husband walking into church. Our wedding day, him standing so slim and tall at the front of the church…so handsome. The birth of each of our five children. That moment when you meet them for the first time…and your heart, just melts. Our times as a family at Silver Dollar City. The weddings of our two oldest daughters and the births of our three grandchildren. So many other memories as well, but those are the REALLY special ones that always come to mind.

I want to relive them…see them in full, vibrant color. Breathe deeply of each memories’ unique aroma. And I want to experience the rush of each excited heartbeat and little shiver down my spine, the warmth of knowing…you are loved.

Because this time…I would appreciate those memories, I would savor them and slow down, experiencing, reveling, wallowing in each emotion. Okay, probably not, but it would be fun to have a shot at it.

I wrote all of the above to say that I missed our second oldest daughter’s FIRST wedding anniversary. Yes, the first one! I planned for what I wanted to do and thought about it for the week leading up to it…and then I forgot all about it. It was a Sunday after all. Being a pastor’s wife gives me an excuse…right? Wrong!

So, Jon and Courtney, Happy First Anniversary! Know that you are both loved and not forgotten. But I’m riding that runaway horse and looking for the softest mound of dirt to land on. I pray for you a better second year of marriage. We have all been there. The first year is wonderful because you are together…finally. But the first year is a challenge because…you are together. I pray for you a marriage that is built on a strong foundation, each layer laid carefully and thoughtfully. I pray for you a marriage that blends your two worlds as it grows and flourishes. I pray for many wonderful memories. Savor each and every one! I love you both! xoxo


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