This trivia is for the birds. All you bird fans out there should give this a try. Some of the answers had me smiling. I guess everything has a name for a reason! (The answers are below the grumpy owl. Take a look at those eye brows!)


  • What is the proper term for a group of parrots?
  • The Passenger Pigeon, now extinct, was endemic to which continent?
  • What is a group of owls called?
  • What is the fastest bird in the world when in its hunting dive?
  • What is a baby swan called?
  • What is a flock of crows called?



  • Pandemonium
  • North America
  • A parliament.
  • The Peregrine Falcon
  • A cygnet
  • A Murder



4 thoughts on “Friday Trivia

    1. I’m going to assume it is. 😉 I generally get my pictures from pixabay. My husband has been to London, so I should have asked him if it was. Sadly, I have not. I just thought the picture was really pretty!


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