Two years ago…and yes, it’s been that long, I shared pictures of my kitchen renovation project. Our house has been a long process, taking place over the fourteen years we have lived here. Whenever I could, I worked on the kitchen, and bought cabinets. I begged for help from any family that was willing. Husband, sons-in-law and usually son have been a tremendous help. I thank them all for putting up with me.

Sadly, we’ve had our house for sale since June of this year. I’m no longer able to keep up with the yard, or the projects in the house. Too many years of rock-wall building, digging holes for trees and ponds have left me stooped and hurting. Health issues for my husband and me are taking front-row seats, and any free time I have I want to enjoy.

I have loved living in this house, working on it, and making it our own. We began our journey here in October of 2005 with all five children still at home. Now we have our youngest, 15 years old and wanting her own life, just as all teenagers do. With the exception of our son and youngest, three daughters are no longer close by. And they have our grandchildren. This house was the longest I’ve lived anywhere in my entire life…and it saddens me to think of moving, but it’s time. I don’t understand God’s timing in all of this, but I want to be ready.

So, I’ll include a couple before pictures of the kitchen:

Where you see the left wall cabinet, that was once the bathroom door. This is how it looked when we moved in:

Our family was ready for the ball in Cottonwood that evening. It was our first one and so much fun! This is the kitchen now:

To the right in the first picture, where the sink is, is where the wicker rocking chair was. I love this kitchen, and the colors! It has great flow for making a meal, great counter space, and even a little place to eat. We installed the floor this past summer and I love it as well. Flooring has come a long ways!

I’ve put a lot of myself into this home. It’s difficult to think of others living in it. My greatest wish is that they care for it as I have over the years. There is more to be done. The dining room project and second bathroom all came to a standstill.

72301736_1554018454740207_7868827093583265792_n (1)

But that leaves the opportunity for someone else to put their stamp on this little place that has existed for over one hundred years. And that’s the way it should be.


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