How is YOUR imagination?

As you can see, I’ve been kind of playing around with this site. I did that with my furniture when I was first married. I moved it pretty often, sometimes once a week. Now my living room furniture stays where it is for years at a time. I’ve become comfortable with it there, (or too lazy to move it). But I prefer to think of the first option.

That all leads me to the picture on my header. (I think that is what it’s called!) Although the ‘hall’ is heavily ornamented, there’s something about the way the light is coming in the windows that makes me want to jump in there and run to the end. Of course I would have on a wedding dress with a long train and veil, both flowing behind me…lifting on the breeze stirred by my quick retreat. And yes, it would be a retreat. Not a retreat in a bad way. Not running FROM something, but running TO something or someone. Maybe running from the confines of the room or the situation to the openness of the garden beyond and all that sunlight that is streaming in. And yes, there is a garden beyond. Filled with fragrant roses and graveled paths, ornamental benches waiting for an occupant or two. Did I say I would be barefoot as well? With pink, sparkly toenails?

How is YOUR imagination? What do you see or imagine when you see the above picture?

My love of reading and writing come from creating those pictures in my head. I used to tell my children that reading was so much fun because you could ‘watch’ the book in your head, kind of like a movie. I’m sure they thought I was crazy in that area and many others, but they didn’t watch much TV or movies while growing up. They all loved to read at one point in time. I was so excited when each of my children learned to read and then enjoyed it. It is such a simple pleasure!

So share your thoughts on the above picture. I love to hear what people’s ideas are on things like that. There are so many possibilities…


2 thoughts on “How is YOUR imagination?

  1. Life is too short to not rearrange! There are too many possibilities to explore. I personally enjoy the “high” after a successful rearrangement of my furniture and the decluttered area!

    But…back to my imagination…

    I see a bit of a Downton Abbey/royal scene. Maybe it is from the timeframe of the books I’ve been lately reading. But it gives me a yearning for olden-days, hundreds of years before I was even alive. The complex simplicity of it…life wasn’t easy, but they weren’t encumbered by the blessing of technology. Things were more clear-cut, and you were proud to take a stand. In fact, that was what made history happen and what brought us here today.

    So even though I’m not a girly-girl, I see women dressed in beautiful dresses. I see a bustling scene, but yet it is quiet and almost reverent.

    Actually, I saw the new “CInderella” movie this past week, and it brings back the idea of that time.

    Rooms to be explored, regalness. And surely there is a huge library and a beautiful garden and walkways to be explored…And a comfortable bed in an extravagant bedroom.

    I feel nostalgia…for a time I’ve never known.


What are your thoughts on this?

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