Deborah Ann Dykeman – Author

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I’m a writer, so of course I like to write…and share my thoughts on many different subjects. So you will get a bit of everything on here. From marriage, to parenting, and decorating. I’m passionate about the first two and really enjoy the second. I think my books reflect those characteristics.

I’m also a sinner, saved by grace. I pray my Christian walk demonstrates a light in this world. I’m not perfect! In fact, my life has been a kaleidoscope of experiences and not-so-great-decisions. I pray my books address the issues I’ve lived through, and show that life is very real, and there is an answer if you’re seeking one.

Politics? Yes, I’m opinionated and I know what I believe concerning them. But I rarely share that on here. It is what it is, and it’s my job to pray for our leaders and our country.

In general, the purpose of this site is for you to learn all about me, and so I can connect with you. This is where you may read about my life and family, follow my publishing journey, purchase my books, and interact through my posts. The posts consist of a little bit of everything! Some categories are under Welcome to My World, and the other posts are all under This Is the Day! I want you to be encouraged and inspired, knowing that you can do great things in your life, no matter who you are.

I almost always share pictures in my posts for visual enjoyment. If the picture is not one taken by me or my family, I have used: It’s a fantastic site with some very talented people. The header, and my business card background are from The picture below credit is in the caption. Stop by and show your support. I know they would greatly appreciate it.

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