Give ME that Coffee!

I can’t remember if I’ve ever discussed coffee on here or not. More than likely, not. Coffee isn’t a big part of my life, and especially not in the summer. I’m also not a big fan of cold coffee, just something I’ve always enjoyed hot with dessert. I don’t need it in the morning to get me going or to keep me awake. After being pretty much addicted to it when I was nineteen and working second shift, (and any other ones I could), I quit drinking it for a long time. I started having some bad health issues with it and didn’t want to go down that road so young!

Enter Cafe du Monde coffee! My husband has mentioned this coffee several times. It’s a big reason he wants to go to New Orleans. I was looking forward to the historical and beauty aspect of the city, but now that I’ve had the coffee, it will be a definite stop greatly anticipated for me! We purchased some at a Kitchen store on Branson Landing while we were there last week, celebrating our anniversary. It is good stuff! Since I tend to like my coffee strong and not too sweet, it’s just about perfect.

So, even though it’s not a Thursday, I’m going to share this recipe that I kind of threw together after hearing different items people put in their coffee. It is so good, and I’m sipping on a large cup of it right now.

My coffee cup is probably 12-14 ounces, so adjust your recipe accordingly.

  1. Brew a pot of strong coffee, of course I suggest, Cafe du Monde!
    2.Put about a 1/4-1 teaspoon of coconut butter/oil or butter in the bottom of the cup
    3.Add about 1-2 teaspoons of cocoa powder, 1/4-1/2 pack of Stevia
    4.Pour hot coffee over this, about half a cup and stir well to dissolve all the ingredients so far
    5.Add whipping cream/cream or milk/almond milk to taste and then top off with coffee

The first ingredients listed were what I used and the general amounts, but adjust to your taste. It is so yummy! Enjoy!




Thursday Yummy!

No words needed for this one! If you have a dessert weakness like I do, you’ll want to watch these and give them a try.

Thursday Yummy!

I am on my fourth week of no sugar and no flour. Yes, I do feel better. Much of the inflammation in my body has gone down. I have watched people around me eat cookies, cinnamon rolls, pizza, and ice cream. Surprisingly, it hasn’t bothered me too much. Maybe because I do feel better and I’m sleeping much better.

Watching this video was fascinating. I never knew you could do so much with macaroni and cheese! Those seven recipes just looked like yummy autumn fare for a brisk day. You try them and tell me how they tasted! 😉

Tasty Thursday!

Farmer’s Markets this time of year are wonderful! The fall harvest is at hand. Pumpkins and squash of all kinds are available. When we were a young couple with two toddlers, we lived just a block or so from a farm stand. It was located in a beautiful valley in upstate New York. It was lovely to walk there with our wagon, and fill it with squash of all sizes and colors. During that time I became familiar with varieties of squash I had never heard of. Most took a machete to cut up. But they were delicious! My favorites are acorn and butternut, but I usually made spaghetti squash. It was generally cheaper, and the children didn’t really think of it as squash.

Here are four recipes that looked yummy! That first one was wonderful…until the eggs were put on it. Don’t know if I could go for that. The last one was the way I generally made it. Will be trying those others! Happy squash-eating!

Fall Baking

October…that time of year when my mind wanders over recipes and what to bake. The cooler weather puts me into a baking mood. I absolutely love the smell of apples cooking on the stove, warm cinnamon and nutmeg drifting through the house. The air cool enough that I’m not dripping.

The beginning of October signals the start of three months that I really love. I have warm, happy memories of baking as a child, helping with the preparations for Thanksgiving and Christmas. As I’ve said on here before, my mother went all out for the holiday season. I’ve never taken it that far, but these next three months hold a special place in my life. Not to mention several birthdays coming, including another grandchild in late November.

My husband and I were married on October 20th. At the time, I wasn’t thrilled with that because I had always pictured a spring wedding and all those colors. Autumn had always had those oranges, yellows and reds that I didn’t really want for wedding decor. But now, it’s just a nice time of year to have been married. Everything seems to slow down a bit.

Back to the smell of apples simmering on the stove. This recipe made me think of that. The wrapping of apple bits into dough looked a bit time-consuming to me, but I think the finished product would be delicious! I’m not much for the tedious processes. More like mix it all together quickly so you can get it into the oven. But I really appreciate those bakers that are willing to take that time. Enjoy!

Cheesecake Heaven

Cheesecake is divine in my opinion! When you combine chocolate and peanut butter…there are no words. The baking season is coming soon. When the weather turns cooler, it’s much more enjoyable to be in the house baking. The aroma of baking bread, or pies, maybe cinnamon rolls, drifts through the house and you know autumn has arrived. So, kick off the baking season with this delicious-looking dessert.

Cucumber Canoes

It seems as though everyone is on the band wagon about not eating gluten, wheat, dairy, or basically anything that tastes great! I must admit, bread has always been a favorite of mine. Not just any bread, but high-in-gluten bread like Italian bread, cinnamon rolls, etc. Adding cheese to it is even better. But I also know that as I get older, wheat just doesn’t sit so well with me. When I don’t eat it, I feel really good, and I lose weight. Sigh!

So, I wanted to share this recipe. It looks easy to do…my kind of recipe! It is a bit late for fresh cucumbers in our area, but this is still doable. The salmon one…not so good in my opinion! But these would be a great snack, or even a light lunch. I love the Tasty videos! They are fun to watch, and usually have upbeat music to get you into that cooking mood.

Let me know what you think. I’m sure the options are endless for other ingredients to add. Maybe some chicken, shredded cheese, a slice of bread on each side? Just kidding about that last one! Enjoy!