Do you see those gorgeous pink blooms above? I am so thrilled to see them pictured here in their simple purity! I would just take a big sniff, if I could, they look just that beautiful.

You all know I’m a ditz when it comes to techno stuff. I’ve complained about it multiple times on here. But again, thanks to my daughter, a.k.a. my editor and helper for all things computer challenging, I now have those very pretty roses.

Who knew you had to download them in a certain way?! “Not I,”replied the computer illiterate writer. To give myself a little, teensy-weensy bit of credit…I did get them onto my site all by myself. And I could just weep with happiness since I didn’t lose anything or mess up something else. I was even able to make a couple more little tweeks to the site! Wow!!! This is a big day for moi!

I realize some of you may think I’m a bit over-the-top with this excitement about something you may find so very simple. But let me relish in my achievements for a little while. You have to take the joyous moments where ever you can find them! Have a fantastic Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Wow!!!

  1. wow, the roses look much better!!! I didn’t know if it was just the way my system was pulling up your site or what. Congratulations on another tweak that makes you look even better and better.

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