All social media sites, blogging sites, and general computer companies…STOP! We older people, can’t keep up with all the changes! Just about the time I get the hang of something new, a team of ‘experts’ come along and change it for the better…they think. I hope I’m doing pretty good, and then the platform is ripped out from under me once again.

That said, WordPress probably is great for some people that are really tech savvy. All the little changes are probably for the better. But I’m under the probably radar. And, just as a side note, I don’t feel that my age of almost 57 is that old. But when my 12 year old grandson is able to show me how to manage sites…it’s a little humbling.

Those two paragraphs were just a little venting to take me to the real post. So yes, the title does make sense now. 😉

I’ve been amazed at how many people have stopped by my site that are enjoying the keto diet. I’ve tried to check out some of your sites, and read some posts. But there is SO much information out there! I could read for days and still be learning more. So thank you keto-people/bloggers! I’m just starting this journey…or I should say taking my time with it. I started a little over a year ago, and I’ve just been incorporating all the information I’ve had over the years with everything I’m learning new.

For me, losing weight was kind of secondary to just eating better. I wanted to feel better, have more energy, rid my body of inflammation, and hopefully lose weight along the way. That has all been happening gradually. I’ve read up on Intermittent Fasting, Trim Healthy Momma, and absorbed what our chiropractor has had to say about different diets.

When I began this journey back in August of 2020, I was really concerned about making it through the holidays, and no chocolate. I did make it through the holidays, and did not get pulled away from my eating guidelines. And now, after a little over a year, my chocolate cravings are a thing of the past. At first, that seemed a bit disappointing, but now, not really.

Baking dessert items has been a huge help for me. We have always eaten pretty well. I’ve never purchased packaged items on a regular basis, don’t use very many canned foods, and I make almost all meals from scratch. Salads were a daily meal when our children were growing up, and I usually made my own salad dressing. But desserts had to be not eaten, or enjoyed for holidays and special occasions only.

When I found all sorts of sites that were keto-friendly, and they had desserts, I was thrilled! These days, I bake several times a week. I’ve shared some of the desserts on here, and the sites I’ve found them on. With the holidays right around the corner again, I’ve been narrowing down my dessert menu. (I started out with a rather big list.) My husband has been a very willing taste-tester. Through all this baked-goods eating, he has lost 10 pounds!

My recipe tweaking has me making a Pumpkin Roll that serves 16. Well, it should be 16 people. It doesn’t seem to last long for my husband and I. The recipe I first used served 4, and was microwaveable. I don’t own a microwave…by choice. The recipe also called for almond flour and coconut flour, and almond milk. The recipe is right here for those of you that are interested: For my recipe, I used a baking blend, which I found to make the cake more moist and easier for rolling my larger version. I also switched out the almond milk for cream, and added a few more spices. It’s wonderful!

The other recipe I would like to make for Thanksgiving is an Apple Cobbler. The same site above has an amazing Peach Cobbler recipe which we love. I have some ideas for the Apple Cobbler that I want to try out. Topped with some of my homemade whipped cream…absolutely delicious!, foundation for the peach cobbler

Of course I will be checking out some of your sites to find more recipes for Thanksgiving, and everyday use! My only regret is that I don’t have time to try them all! Happy baking everyone!

I would like to say here, that I am not a keto-food blogger. The site above, and others that I follow have the correct nutrition information for the original recipes. I’m not as concerned about that, so switching out a couple things here and there has worked well for me. But if you want to be strict, follow their recipes exactly. Also, as I have said before, I’m extremely thankful for these people that have these sites and have shared their culinary talents. It’s a very complicated, and time consuming process, and they are appreciated!


What are your thoughts on this?

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