Snow on Daffodils, etc.

By now, most of the nation has heard of the wildfires in Oklahoma and Kansas. Yes, they were close to us…about an hour or so away. One day last week, the smoke was very bad from the fires, drifting northeast and blanketing many small towns. Thankfully, no fatal injuries have been reported, and with the snow on Easter Sunday, I think the fires are out.

Snow on Easter Sunday. Growing up in Colorado made this a possibility many times. But, it would always melt quickly and then we would be back on the road to spring. Yesterday morning brought more snow to our area than we had seen all winter. And it was beautiful! By the end of the day, it was all melted and back to the 50’s again, but it was wonderful and surprising while it lasted.

So, last  night after Easter dinner and all the candy, etc. we went on a walk. There is an area my husband likes to walk…mainly because it is more secluded, with trees lining the road and not so busy. I really do like those aspects of that route as well, but early in the morning, or close to dark is a bit nerve racking for me. You never know what may be lurking in the cover of the trees, be it animal or human. His preferred walking area is the rail trail about a block from our house. Again…not my choice for the above reasons. In the summer, the poison ivy is rampant and I only have to hear about it to start itching and break out in a rash.

These pictures were taken a week or so ago on our walk along the route my husband prefers. It was a beautiful spring morning, and I wanted to capture that. I love walking beside the lake. Each time we go, the lake is different, depending on the sun, time of day, and wind. Water is unique in that way.

And no, there was no candy for me. For three weeks now I have had no carbs or sugar and only non-fat dairy. Yes, the day was difficult…but I have felt so much better, it has been worth it. Now to just keep away from all the left-over stuff! Have a great Monday!


What are your thoughts on this?

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