A Volatile Force

One more day and it will be that time of year again! For me, April 1st marks the start of tornado season in Kansas. Yes, I understand that they are possible any time of year, and we have had a few surprises over the twenty plus years we have lived in this area. One night in particular comes to mind. We were eating supper on February 29, 2012 when the sirens began their loud and long howl…scaring us all into the pantry. No, probably not the best place to weather a tornado with flying cans of food, but our best interior room! This same tornado went on to Branson, Missouri and caused extensive damaged.

I’ve always heard that the general tornado period for this area is April through June. Those are the months of greatest activity. So, I watch with dread as the calendar creeps to April 1st each year, and sigh with relief when July 1st arrives. If we had a basement, maybe the stress level would go down a bit. If we ever move to another house, that will be a HUGE criteria for me!

We have been very blessed in this little town where we live. Tornadoes come in from the west, usually, and then take a more northern route just on the outskirts of our little place on the map. I have been very thankful for this, many times over the years.

So, as the season commences, I pray. I pray for those that will be involved, for those areas that will be hit, because every year there are so many. I pray for patience and peace…and for the ability to accept come what may. In the bigger picture beyond Kansas…that prayer applies as well.

Stay safe and enjoy this exciting time to come. It’s spring!


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