Help Needed

Okay…I admit it…I need a full-time secretary to take care of all the duties I cannot handle! Job description: be in my office whenever I need you, take care of all computer and editing ‘stuff’ I cannot figure out and your pay will be a free meal. Alright, I may even be able to fit in a plate of cookies now and then. Any takers?

So, there it is, only about ten days after it went on Amazon…my second book!!! Our son-in-law was able to snatch that cover right out of CreateSpace and display it here and on Facebook for me. That is the church in Rubyville…or at least the one I see in my head. The little road leads to the Barton home and you can just make out the top of the gazebo that is in the park. Now that I am almost finished writing the second book in the series, A Place of Refuge, I almost feel like I live there rather than the small town we reside in. Just click on the little link above the books and that will take you to my Amazon author page. If you purchase Rubyville, you may download the digital version for free!

Notice the side bar to your right? I was able to actually organize it all on my own. I should say re-arrange, kind of like furniture, which I am actually pretty good at. The calendar on your left was added by me…that way you, and I, know what day it is! Now, I just need to do something about the mobile version of this site, because my daughters said it is really ugly. There is a way to change that…but it may take awhile. Cookies anyone?


What are your thoughts on this?

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