Old Fashioned Review

By now you understand that I am a bit behind the times…probably in many areas. I think technology has done wonders in the world today, but there are drawbacks to it as well.

Today I was reading a post about book reviews. We authors covet them and those that are self-published as I am…well they put the bread and butter on the table.

So imagine my shock and disgust when I read a post talking about people paying for 5-star reviews! Seriously? I have always been a very firm believer in hard work, being paid a fair wage for work  done. If I am going to receive a thank-you, clap-on-the-shoulder, thumbs-up…I want to have earned it!

This is the old-fashioned part of book reviewing. I love my reader’s feedback! I want to hear from you. Right now I am small enough to respond to each and every one of you…and I plan to continue that. You are important to me! You are the reason I write the stories I do. If you read my books, the old-fashioned word of mouth works wonderfully. If you like it…please pass it on, share it, recommend it. I would love a review on the sites that carry my book and there are many. But I will never pay for a 5-star review! Thankfully, the reviews I have so far are from people that have actually read my books and enjoyed them. I appreciate that so very much! If you read my books, tell me your honest opinion. That’s what I want to hear!


Conclusion: reviews are extremely important. But the good, old-fashioned, word-of-mouth is still pretty fantastic! I’d love to hear what this guy is going to say!dog-734689__180


2 thoughts on “Old Fashioned Review

  1. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it? That’s why I don’t respond to requests to jump on Amazon and write reviews to boost numbers, either. I’m either inspired to write a review or not. You keep on being as “old-fashioned” as you are. You’re actually way ahead of the curve!

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