Have you been there? The great, black hole we call the world wide web. It holds great fascination, hours of enjoyment, and you can find just about anything. And that is where the problem resides.

I just went to YouTube, to find a song I wanted to post about. Now, almost an hour later, I have seen that song and about 50 others. One loads, you watch about a minute of it and then the side bar calls you with pictures and titles of another song that looks just as good. You repeat that process for an hour, (hopefully you can keep it to that) and then you get on with your day, feeling really lazy and like you haven’t accomplished a thing.

The song I was looking for was ‘Get Happy’ and it was sung by Judy Garland and others. The tune was running through my head and I wanted to hear the actual words. It wasn’t what I was really looking for, but I did stumble upon…well actually ‘click upon’ several other songs. Most were from the old movies, the musicals with the brightly colored dresses and wonderful dancing. You watch one of those movies and you cannot be sad for long.

So while the world wide web can be a huge time waster, it can also be very useful in many ways. I use it everyday for various things, and it is very much appreciated…most of the time. So now that I have several jingles bouncing through my mind, and visions of swirling dresses, I will climb out of that hole and… get to work. If you read one of my books and I break into song during the dialog…you will know why.


2 thoughts on “WWW

  1. I’ve been right there with you! It’s sort of like wandering around in Hobby Lobby, one thing leads to the next and the next. Although I’ve never broken out in song while there, ha. You’re right, the web can be a huge time waster because you didn’t really intend to spend a whole hour or so looking around, just 10 minutes, right? Me, too. But I do love it to find out how to do this and that and the other thing and look up the meaning of all kinds of stuff. Like just now, looking up videos on how to make crochet hats….and an hour later here we are!

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