It seems that people that are creative are usually creative in many different areas. For example, if you play a musical instrument, you may also sing. If you can draw or paint, you probably have a good eye for photography or landscaping. Of course those are general observances. In my opinion, your brain just works along certain lines. That doesn’t mean that you aren’t able to appreciate music, art work or photography if you only sing in the shower, and color at the kindergarten level.

Sometimes it’s been hard for me to narrow down what I wanted to do with my life. When younger, I loved to draw and I loved art. I talked about this in another post. I also wanted to be a  ballerina, a famous singer, famous artist and maybe dabble in photography. As I grew older, modeling appealed to me and then an interior decorator seemed the way to go. At one point I even thought of being an architect.

So, I became a wife and mother! At times through the years, I thought of all those exciting careers and lifestyles I could have had. Of course I would have been extremely successful with all of them. Because in your dreams…you always are! That’s what’s fantastic about dreaming…you can make it whatever you want.

But you know what? Because I became a wife and mother I was able to do all of the above. I played the piano for church and sang in the choir. Our children and I had a singing group for awhile and we were asked to sing at several places. I’ve ‘designed’ and decorated so many of our homes over the years. Landscaping our yards was always fun. I’ve created an English garden at our current home…on a bleak Kansas driveway. I’ve had the privilege to attend several balls, wearing the gowns that I designed and made. My children have endured me singing to them at night, and dancing with them around the room. I’ve fulfilled all my dreams.

Have I been successful? Well the score is still out on that one. I have one more child at home and several grandchildren. And yes, they will have to endure all my interests. Someday, I will stand before my Heavenly Father and I hope to hear, “A job well-done, my good and faithful servant.”

Life isn’t about the career you choose or all the goals you set. You can have a career and have goals. But life is what you do along the way…the life you live. Have a Blessed Sunday!



2 thoughts on “This Life We Live

  1. Yes, you’ve been successful! Despite all my eye rolling, I ‘endured’ my childhood just fine. And although I’m probably too uptight and I worry too much, I feel fairly confident in my abilities to keep my baby girl alive and happy…because of you! Love you, and thank you for the much needed reminder that life isn’t what happens when all the goals are achieved. Life is TODAY!

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