Your Choice…

As I look back over the past year…which is what we all tend to do on this day…so many emotions swamp my thoughts. Some years of your life have been generally good, some years not so good. This year for our family has been hard to pin down when it comes to the ‘good’ or ‘bad’ aspect. The fiery darts have seemed to come from all directions and the blessings have trickled down through the smoke. But there have been blessings.

Each of us can choose to concentrate and remember the bad, the fiery darts…or we can make a conscious decision to be absorbed in the good. This doesn’t mean we turn a blind eye to what has gone on or that we forget, but our effort and thoughts go into the edifying and building up, not the tearing down. I’ve done a lot of tearing down this year and if I were to make a New Year’s Resolution, it would be to spend more time building up and encouraging. And if you think about it…you just feel better when you build up and encourage and love the other person. It takes a lot of energy to hate, be bitter and stay angry.

This year, we lost my husband’s mother, but she gained heaven and the joy of being with all those that have gone before her. This year we ‘lost’ another daughter, but gained a new son-in-law. Our son has had a couple more surgeries with more to come, but he was also okayed for two new hearing devices. God has provided the insurance coverage for those surgeries. Our son being able to play guitar and sing, as he is so talented in doing, may be more of a reality again in 2016. My husband resigned as a pastor, but in that we also know of two young men that are very gifted in teaching God’s word and it’s exciting to see what God has planned in all of that. Again, the blessings trickling down through the rough and challenging times.

My writing has taken off in 2015 and I am so very excited to see where it flies! It is a gift to me that I pray I am able to share with many in 2016 and the years to come. I would never have thought all of this would have been possible last year at this time.

Life is difficult and filled with challenges. We still have some to work out in our own personal lives. But we will have the answers at some point and more obstacles will come. Choose to look at the good, concentrate on the blessings and your cup will be running over. Have a Blessed New Year 2016!

New Year



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