Let It Snow!

let it snowAs a child, I loved snow. Growing up in Colorado, it would snow and generally it would melt within a couple days. We would have a lot at a time, but it wouldn’t stick around for long. Then we moved to Vermont. There is snowed, and snowed, and snowed. Every day it just grew deeper. The piles in the parking lots were there until June. I didn’t like snow so much anymore after that.

As an adult, I still love snow. As long as it snows in November and December and there is no ice with it. For me, that sets the holiday mood even more. I love a white Christmas! But as an adult, you also have to think of things like, driving to work in it, shoveling out your car BEFORE driving to work in it, etc. By the time January arrives, I would be fine with it being a pleasant 70 degrees, a touch of rain here and there to keep things green.

Living in Kansas, that is not how it works. If we have snow, it will generally be AFTER Christmas and after January. It has snowed as late as April 17th in  my memory of living here. Not so pleasant, especially since you have had a couple REALLY nice days of upper seventies by that date. Just enough to kind of tease you about spring.

We had a little bit of white just after Christmas this year. We were to have a big storm, with many inches piling up, but it kind of petered out. So it rained, more freezing rain, and then it kind of froze so we had white on the roads and sidewalks. And now it’s cold! For me it can still snow until New Years Day. I will give it one more chance, just a couple more days. Which brings me to the reason I wanted to write this.

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! is a song usually sung at Christmas time. But it is really a winter song in my mind. So I wanted to share it with you here. For me, it brings to mind that cozy feeling when it is cold outside and really piling up in big, white mounds. You don’t want to leave, just be close to family and friends and sit beside the fire. Just about a perfect day! Enjoy this Walt Disney version! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sawh40RHFFE




What are your thoughts on this?

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