My Cozy Little Corner

Christmas Fireplace

This is my cozy little corner. I sit here in the evenings, on my Cracker Barrel rocking chair. My husband sits in his on the opposite side of the room. This has become a routine for us almost every evening and it’s one that I enjoy. We usually watch Netflix in the evenings, but I do sit here and read at times as well. And sometimes I just…sit.

The chairs were purchased for a lovely front porch we had in an old house we lived in twelve years ago in Upstate New York. I was pregnant with our youngest at the time and I spent a lot of hours on that porch before and after she was born. I absolutely love front porches, side porches and back porches. If I could, I would have every room in my house lead to a porch.  They are kind of a nice, safe, haven that you can observe the rest of the world from. And I really wouldn’t mind if a porch looked out over meadows or mountains. A lake or an ocean would be terrific!

Front porches are old and nostalgic, while decks are modern and open. I do like a deck, but it is just not the same as a porch. I guess I’m just funny that way. (I’m sure some would say in many ways!)


2 thoughts on “My Cozy Little Corner

  1. It looks SO cozy and inviting. I love porches, too…and rocking chairs. I especially like rocking chairs that squeak when they rock!! I miss my Cassoday front porch with my swing. Lots of ‘grandma’ secrets shared in that swing!!

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