Christmas Anticipation!

Wow…less than a week until Christmas! How did that happen? We’ve all said it. When we were children, Christmas took FOREVER to arrive. We started counting down the days after Thanksgiving. (I’m sorry, I think Thanksgiving should have its own, special time and I don’t really remember Christmas decorations being put out in homes or stores until AFTER Thanksgiving.) At school you anticipated the long break coming up. It seemed like you would be gone for ages, rather than just a couple of weeks.

Your mother baked mounds of goodies, you decorated cookies and ate way too much raw dough, (yes another bad thing we did as children if you’re my age). You also sampled frosting until your tongue was green. The build-up for Christmas Eve was almost unbearable. Finally, the day would arrive!

When I think back on those years…I don’t really recall the actual presents and what I received as much as the emotions and feelings of that month. It was more the simple pleasure of the preparations for the Big Day. The emotions of family and friends, the close unity we all shared.   We all were gathered for a purpose, and enjoyed being there.

In previous posts, I have mentioned the sights, sounds and smells of Christmas. I wanted to share a few of those here. These pictures of our small town were taken Christmas Eve of 2008 by our second oldest. Boy was it cold outside! I loved it, because it had a ‘Christmas’ feel to it.

These are some more pictures from that Christmas, seven years ago. I have a village that I used to arrange on my piano. I absolutely loved it! I have always adored miniatures and this was just perfect to display every Christmas. But now it has grown too large and I need a bigger area to display it. Not a bad problem to have! But I have really missed it the past couple of years!


These two pictures are from that Christmas day. One showing that anticipation I was speaking of. The other of three of our daughters with the aprons I made that Christmas.

I think for most of us, Christmas isn’t about the presents we are going to receive, (unless we are under the age of twelve). It’s about the preparations, time spent with family and friends. The cards you receive from miles away, the shopping for gifts to give and watching as those people open what you have chosen especially for them. It’s all those emotions that are tied in from being with special people in your life.

I think that is totally appropriate. God planned for and provided those people to encourage us, help in times of need, give us accountability and love us. Who else would you want to spend such a very special day with?


What are your thoughts on this?

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