I am currently working on my second book in a series of four or five books. The first book in the series is set in the 1980’s and the second one is set in the 1890’s. Yes, you read that correctly, the second book goes back almost 100 years! I love historical books! As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, Gone With the Wind is my favorite book. But I have so many others that I have enjoyed as well. Traveling back in time gives us a glimpse of that world. While I love to read it…it’s a bear to write about!!! Believe it or not, I didn’t live 100 years ago and it takes A LOT of research to get a feel for a different time and place.

All that leads me to my thoughts for today. Yes, our dress is very different, we have various modes of transportation that we didn’t use in the past, and we communicate in a whole unique way that we did not over 100 years ago. We still have phones, we may occasionally write a letter and we visit family and friends.

The communication part is what has been popping into my head the past few days. Can you imagine someone from the 1800’s or earlier see us put a small, rectangular-shaped object to our ear and actually ‘talk’ into it? We probably would have been burned at the stake for witchcraft! Think of all the new ‘words’ or phrases we have now that we didn’t have even when I was growing up. Transport yourself 100 years ago and the person you were talking to would say, “Excuse me?” (They wouldn’t have said, “what” or “huh” 100 years ago!) “BTW, I’ll TTYL, pick-up some moo-joo at the store. TYVM! SYL!” (Okay, maybe they would have said, “HUH?!)

I can understand texting the above phrases. (I don’t text unless I absolutely have to, so I may have those, phrases, words, whatever you call them…wrong.) But seriously, are we so busy that we can’t say, “Dairy Queen” or “International House of Pancakes”, instead of “DQ” or “IHOP”? When I was a young girl, we went to the International House of Pancakes many times on a Saturday morning and it didn’t cause us great distress to say all those words. It didn’t take a lot of time out of our morning to ask the question, “May we go to the International House of Pancakes for breakfast this morning?”

I must admit, many of the abbreviations are pretty cute. “IHOP” has a nice jingle to it. My mother would ask my father if we could go to the “DQ” long before it became that, trying to make it a surprise for us. We did figure it out pretty quickly. Mainly because children are fairly smart when it comes to ice-cream or treats in any form. “BOGO” still causes me to stop and think about what they are talking about. It comes in a snap when I’m at Payless looking at shoes, though!

So, the next time you board a plane, think of what someone from the 1800’s and earlier would have thought about that. This is a post for another day, but I’m fairly certain they would have thought we were…crazy!!! “All those people get into that silver bullet and it goes up into the sky, even where the clouds are and then it comes down in another state or country?! NTYVM!!! (For those of you that aren’t as techno-savvy as I am, that would be: No Thank You Very Much!!!




What are your thoughts on this?

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