Thankful for Friends!

They make life brighter…a day that is headed for the trash heap can be turned around by a great conversation with a friend. I am so thankful for mine…and you know who you are!


Friendships develop from many different areas in our lives. We can have childhood friends, school friends, church friends, and work friends. Many of us count our spouse, children or grandchildren among our friends. I know I do my adult children. To think that these children I use to change diapers on, feed and bathe are now counted among the most trusted people in my life, is pretty wonderful!

So, thank you all for your love, prayers and encouragement. For the great conversations and laughs in tough situations. They are very much appreciated! YOU are loved!

friendship 2


2 thoughts on “Thankful for Friends!

  1. Thanks for the post, Deborah. I especially liked your thought on our adult children being friends. And now I count my grandchildren among them, too. I find myself often going to them with my hurts and frustrations and it’s so reassuring when they give me advice and encouragement from God’s word!!

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