What makes you smile?

Usually when I write an article or post, I title it after I have written it. In the writing world, I don’t know if this is correct, but it works for me. When the ‘story’ is completed, even I know what it’s about! Because believe me, it doesn’t always end the way I thought it would. When I write, the conclusion of a book is sometimes just as much of a surprise to me as to my readers.

The above title was easy. In light of all that has gone ‘wrong’ in our world of late…and by that I mean the entire world we live in and the very small corner of this earth I reside on, I wanted something to smile about. You get tired of all the garbage being dumped on you and you just want to think happy thoughts. Sometimes this needs to be a conscience decision in our lives. We have to ask ourselves, “Am I going to let this ruin my day, my life, or am I going to choose to take a different path?”

Today, I want to think about what makes me smile. I love it when I check out Facebook and people have posted really funny items. I want to smile, I want to laugh out loud and feel that release of just…good. Nothing on my mind, nothing worrying me, nothing I have to do…just good…for a few moments. Here are a few for you to smile about as well:

Family pictures always make me smile, as I’m sure they do for you. Some examples of my favorites:

House projects well done ALWAYS make me smile and give me a sense of great accomplishment. Our son helped me with this stone terrace we put in a few years ago. He was probably too young to be working on such a thing, but he was a huge help and I so enjoy that terrace to this day! Thank you, Nate-Nate!

Then there are the pictures that just have great memories. You look at them and smile because so many happy thoughts come your way. You’re put back into that instant…and it’s wonderful! These are some of mine:

What makes you smile? Take a moment to go through some old pictures…remember that fantastic day. Watch a funny movie and really laugh. Spend a few hours with a cherished friend. Or hug a child/grandchild…that ALWAYS makes me smile. Have a joyous day!


What are your thoughts on this?

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