Where are you, rotary phones and typewriters?

Remember the days when your telephone rang and you went to a certain location in your HOME and answered it? You stood by the base in your kitchen or sat down in a comfy chair, (because you placed your telephone by a comfy chair) because you were attached to the base of your phone? How about typing? You hit the keys with force on those old typewriters…typing a letter was a workout and really did a number on your nails. There wasn’t an ‘enter’ key on those old machines. Or a ‘delete’ key. You kept bottles of white stuff around for the eventual mistake.

There are times when I really miss those days. I’ve never claimed to be any kind of a ‘tech’ person. Don’t even know or understand the lingo. But I think of myself as fairly able to get around a computer or set up a new phone, etc. Until hours like this morning. Yes hours. Hours of trying to figure out how to work this site. About the time I think I have it down, I lose something and I can’t remember how to get it back again. I guess I will have to ask my 10 year old what to do. Children today seem to be born with the ‘tech’ gene. Their little fingers know how to type and they can abbreviate before they turn a year old. I thought it was kind of neat when other kids my age spoke pig Latin when I was a child. I could say my name. Children today have a whole other language that you have to decode to have a conversation with them. If you don’t have Facebook, Twitter, etc. you can even forget the conversation!

Yes, I do miss the slower, less complicated days of technology. But I do appreciate my laptop and my cell phone in case I need it for an emergency. If I text you, you will know how much effort went into that message. So, please bear with me as I learn to use this site. Strange things may show up and you may try to ‘click’ on something and find nothing. Just give me a few days…or hours. I’ll catch up…eventually.


2 thoughts on “Where are you, rotary phones and typewriters?

  1. I remember! My grandmother uses to have a little bench with a table. When people were going to make a long call, they would use that one.
    Or, “let me go to the phone in the other room for more privacy/convenience.” And then having someone else hang up the phone for you after you were on the other line!


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