Remember Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day…the unofficial start to summer, picnics by the lake, grilling hamburgers and hotdogs in your backyard…the unofficial start to summer?

Remember Memorial Day…when ALL small towns had a parade, veterans marching in their uniforms, small children waving the American Flag? High school bands marched proudly, playing patriotic tunes. Remember Memorial Day?

Remember the Civil War, Flanders (October, 1914), Omaha Beach (June 6, 1944), Vietnam, Iraq (Gulf War) and the continuing battles of today. Remember the men that fought in those battles, some giving their lives for us and our freedom, so many living with the memories of those battles. That is what today is for, remembering those that have died.

PLEASE remember Memorial Day. Fly your American Flag proudly, teach your small children the significance of today. Watch a parade if you can, wear a red Poppy. If you see any of our armed forces on the street, thank them for their service…and REMEMBER.


What are your thoughts on this?

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