I love creating the Facebook memes I post a few times a month. Two Tuesdays a month I post something from one of my books. On Fridays I post something inspirational. Either a Bible verse or a few words to get people thinking. Few words can say much!

Today, I posted this. I absolutely love this picture! It just seemed to bring it all together. Even though the picture is of Ireland, it reminded me so much of the Flint Hills where we currently reside. There are many places around us where you can top a hill and have a view such as this one. In the spring time, or a wet summer like we’ve had, the hills roll along, green mounds under the very blue sky.

The words under the picture are from the first book in the Rubyville series, A Place to Call Home. And yes, Annabella Barton would have walked around the Flint Hills, dragging her beautiful gown through the bluestem pastures. Sometimes the rigors of the late 1880’s mandates for women didn’t sit well on her shoulders!

Since I love this picture so much…Rubyville - A Place to Call Home

Have a great Tuesday! Take a stroll through your neck of the woods. Watch the late summer wild flowers sway in the breeze. Listen to the rustle of the leaves of the trees, dark green filtering the sun. Lift your eyes to the blue sky, lazy clouds drifting overhead. Have a perfect late summer day!


What are your thoughts on this?

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