I admit it. I’m old! I’m at the place that I said I would never be. I was going to be young and hip my entire life. I was going to understand my children, their music, their clothing and their decisions. I would be young at heart and fun to be around until the day I died. I wasn’t going to be a fuddy-duddy like so many older people that I had seen when I was young.

To say a phrase I dislike…”Not!”

I have arrived at the destination I was not going to take. But I’m still a step behind. I think of younger people as yuppies, and that was how many years ago?

So the term today is millennials. I must say, I don’t even know what that all entails. But this video seemed to wrap it all up in one pretty little package. I mean no disrespect in sharing this…just a light-hearted look at what is going on in the world today. If you have been out in public at all recently, you have seen some of the things that are spoken of. If you are old like me, you’re nodding your head. If you are young like my children…you are shaking your head saying, “What?”

So, just enjoy. Start your day off with a smile on this Wednesday.

For those of you that watched this video earlier…I do apologize. There was another video after the song that I hadn’t realized was included. It was using language and expressing views that I would not state on here. Again, my point to this was to look at the millennials in a fun way.


4 thoughts on “Millennials

  1. Funny! We have National Donut Day, today is National Thrift shop Day…I wonder what would happen if we have “National No One Uses Their Smart or UnSmart Phone Day”…. what would that look like ? All those selfies that we’d miss out on and all those Instagram images of restaurant food and drinks. Gasp. No. Not. That. Really, do I need to see all the photos and videos on your phone? And your distorted face in a thousand locations? I promise I won’t talk endlessly about my garden if not. (feeling snarky today). Keep up the good thoughts and bloglettes Deborah!

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    1. We all have a snarky day or two, or three! I’ve even had a snarky week! But yes, what would the world be like if all technology had a rest for a day? It would be like a blizzard in January when everything is shut down. Bring it on!


  2. Funny video….though with truth.
    I do not consider myself a millennial. Though technically within the timeframe, I believe the way I was raised negates some of my thinking of some of my peers/generation. Many of my friends aren’t the typical millennial thinking/behavior. We find ourselves caught in a stereotype of sorts that may be somewhat true in a general way…but still not the whole package. Thanks to society and the psychologists and other smart people. 😉
    However, I see this in many of the younger millennials. Even a much-younger sibling of mine could possibly be more this way…as she is “beginning” her life in this generation. But I think with our parents, she will still not be a full-millennial.
    And I pray my kids also don’t reflect many of the negative aspects.
    A good laugh, though….and like much humor, designed to also make you take an honest look and consider where you align with the thought.

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    1. Thank you for your comment and insight. I don’t generally like a term that lumps everyone together…but this video brought to mind many of the struggles that I have with the younger generation.


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