To Sequel or Not…that is the question

Fast and Furious…not to my liking, but we have a couple guys in our family that would disagree. Star Wars…what number?darth-vader-1282288__180




Bourne...something? These are all movies that just spring to mind as I sit here. Movies that have sequels…and then more sequels…and then more…you get the picture.

Here’s an idea. What about a movie where a little girl and a little boy meet, and they are friends?peek-a-boo-696311__180

Next movie, they date,kissing-1149918__180



next one they are married,wedding-626020__180


next one have a family,sunsets-1328102__180

next one they are empty-nesters, and maybe the last one is life in an assisted living facility?old-690842__180

Does that make six movies? Not interested in seeing those? No, there would not be fast cars in all of them…but there could be in the teenage one. No, there wouldn’t be scary little aliens lurking about and speaking in a low voice and probably no guns. (As you can tell, I have not spent much time watching Star Wars!) Those are all things that sell and make big money. Those are movies people will spend time on and watch again and again. So, there are sequels…and lots of them.

Sometimes, in my humble opinion, it is best to just let a book or movie…go. There is a certain thrill and anticipation in wondering what happened. “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Rhett Butler puts on his hat and strides down the sidewalk into the swirling mist. For many, many years, we didn’t think Rhett cared a fiddle stick for what happened to Scarlett O’Hara Butler. In the back of our mind we could wonder, what if?clark-gable-394520__180

Then came the sequel…and again, in my humble opinion, it was not good. It would have been a wonderful stand-alone story-line, but it shouldn’t have come after, Gone With the Wind. It somehow took away the wonder of that last scene in the book and the movie.

Should you write a sequel? That is the question.



3 thoughts on “To Sequel or Not…that is the question

      1. Yeah! I actually LOVE for stories to continue…I get so involved in people and communities, I always hate to move on!!


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