I love books! Especially old books. I adore walking into a room…a library in an old house and seeing the polished wood gleam and the leather-bound display of stories beckoning from floor-to-ceiling shelves. I relish the smell of all that…old. I want to sink into a tall-backed, chintz-covered chair and just…read…and imagine. That’s why I love this picture so much! It makes you imagine, and dream. Write your own story…


You know what else I love? Those ladders that slide around on a rail in those old libraries, so that you could reach the books on the uppermost shelves. To climb one of those is on my bucket list.

So you get that I love books, and libraries, and reading. That’s probably no big surprise to you, and maybe a huge boor to some of you. But since I love books, imagine my surprise when I saw my first two books in other bookstores, just a few moments ago! Yes, I know they are on Amazon. But now I’ve found them on Barnes and Noble, Good Reads, Kobo and several other places. If you are in Good Reads, there is a drop-down list of stores where the books are available…and there are so many! Well, I just think that is pretty fantastic! I didn’t even put them there! I can’t even express how special it is to see my books in all those places! Julia Ryan’s cover design looks terrific…and there is my name! Please bear with me as I glow for a bit in the wonder of it all!

Do you know what I don’t like about books? Moving them! Have a great evening and get out there and read. I’ve heard of this new author…Deborah Ann Dykeman is her name…I think.


What are your thoughts on this?

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