Have YOU been scammed?

Life can be frustrating at times! We’ve all said this, thought it, maybe shouted it out and not been too pleased with our actions after the fact. Life is also not fair. Unjust actions, words and thoughts happen. That’s the way it is.

My topic for today…copyright. Last night, while checking reviews on my book, my daughter came across a site named, DJ Maza that was advertising my book for free. There was some kind of  blurb about normally having to pay for this book, but at that site you didn’t have to. As the publisher of this book, I generally know who has my books and where they are available.

To Thee I'm Wed-2

So this morning, I did a little research. When my daughter tried to access this site to get ‘my’ book they wanted her to jump through a lot of hoops. She never did get to it. She mentioned that at some point, you would probably have to pay money to access something. This morning, when I went to the same site, you couldn’t find ‘my’ book. I checked all my distributors this morning, and from what I could find, DJ Maza Books was not among them. They could be at some affiliate that I am not aware of, and I didn’t try that name in a bunch of different scenarios. By that I mean: all lower case, all run together, etc.

Life is not ‘fair’, it’s not ‘just’ under man’s terms. Wrong and bad things happen. There will always be people ready to cash in on someone’s work. That’s just the way it is. Please remember, when an artist, musician, photographer, writer, etc. has work published, there are copyright laws to protect their work. People can and do steal it, but it’s WRONG.

‘To Thee I’m Wed’ is available through the sites listed here on my blog. A short list of those sites is Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace for the printed versions. Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and some other sites for the e-version. There are many different places with the book now, so I don’t want to list them all here. For the holiday season of Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day, I have lowered the price of the e-book to $2.99. If you have a business card, you may use the code on the back to get another 50% off toward your purchase. For those of you that do not have the code on a business card, the code is: DN98A. Again, this code is good through December 31, 2015. If you are a library, wishing to purchase the e-version, your price is $1.99. As far as I know, you may also be able to use the code. For those of you in the Council Grove area, ‘To Thee I’m Wed’ is available at the library, in paperback.

I appreciate you, the consumer! I appreciate all the great words and compliments given and the reviews. Please remember to view my book, and read the portion given for free from the sites I’ve listed. We can each do our small part to NOT encourage those that scam and take advantage of other people. Thank you, so much, for your help with this!


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