There comes a time in all our lives when we have to tackle that dreaded, never-ending problem of losing weight and getting in shape. If you are one of those that has never been in that situation…I am happy for you, but I honestly don’t have any understanding of that! So this post is for those of us that are struggling…and it really hits this time of year…spring. Not only are the flowers in bloom, but the weather is warmer and we want to be outside, not wear bulky clothes, ride a bike, swim, and just have fun in the sun. And of course shedding that winter skin usually involves shedding a few pounds…or a lot, whatever your situation is.

The biggest temptation for me is…chocolate, and probably ice cream. But chocolate beckons with its velvety appearance and the mind remembers that glorious taste and texture. Believe me…gathering the pictures for this post was pretty daunting. But so far I have only looked and not touched.

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Yes, I do miss chocolate…very much…but I know it is for the best. The priorities in my life have become more about the long-term benefits of health and the wonderful ability to spend time with grandchildren…without puffing like a freight train. The satisfaction of chocolate doesn’t seem to be as fulfilling as it once was. The call of biking through a canopy of trees on a smooth road on a spring day seems much more enjoyable. And someday, maybe even the swimsuit will be able to come out of the moth balls!

Am I doing this all on my own? No, I have several family members that are being tortured as well. I guess misery loves company, or something like that! But a verse that comes to mind over and over is:

Philippians 4:13  (NASB)

13 I can do all things [a]through Him who strengthens me.

This verse is short and sweet and says a mouthful. Rather like chocolate for the soul!



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