What’s In a Title

Yesterday I posted on The Aroma of Gasoline In the Morning. If you don’t recall that title…it’s for a very good reason. I didn’t have one! I was checking this site this morning and noticed there were a lot of views on my post from yesterday. So I thought that was pretty special…always nice when people check in and see what’s happening. Then I noticed the number on the post. What?

I’m sure all of you will agree that a title is a pretty special thing on a story. Without a title…well, you don’t know where you are going. If you write a story of any kind, or even a report, a title is good. You may even be able to get by without a cover. Your marketing may become even more difficult, but you could swing it. But a title…you need one.

A title becomes intriguing, makes you want to investigate further. Whatever your content is on your report, magazine article, or novel…you want to give the reader a clue.

So thanks to all that checked out the post yesterday, and a very special thanks to everyone that actually read it to see what it was about! One reader had asked if I was promoting people sniffing gasoline early in the morning. Uh, no, probably not a good idea. But as I replied, it has always had a strange fascination for me. Not entirely bad, but not great either. I wouldn’t want a perfume with notes of gasoline in it! Have a great Tuesday!



What are your thoughts on this?

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