Seriously! It’s time to let off a bit of steam. If you’ve been keeping up with me…you probably know I don’t watch TV, rarely watch the news, don’t have a cell phone currently, and no, I’m not a hermit! I listen to Sirius radio so I don’t have to endure commercials or advertisements. I like my life pretty clutter-free and streamlined.

So, when my husband and I were at the gas station this morning, and I heard the news running over the speakers…that bothered me…a lot! It annoyed me on many levels, but I will only go into one on here…for now! After all, I will need other topics to post about at some point!


Seriously…we have to hear the news report, and commercials while we pump gas? Now I do understand why they thought this was a good idea. Especially in the morning. But what is happening to our choices in this life? Most of us have a radio in our car, and we can listen to the news while we are in it. If you miss something, believe me, if it’s important, you will hear it again…and again…and again. You are not going to miss out! So, to be pushed to listen to the news while pumping gas, annoys me. Music would be nice in my humble opinion, but not everyone likes the same music. And again, most of us have a radio, CD player, MP3 player in our vehicles. We can wait for the maybe ten minutes it takes until we get back on the road to enjoy our tunes.

What’s wrong with maybe just standing there, going through your list of activities for the day, hum a little tune in your head…your choice of music. Inhale the smell of gasoline in the morning and listen to the traffic go by. Use some of your other senses…and don’t be barraged by the state of the world. Why do we have to have noise, information and general confusion 24/7 in this world today? I really dislike the term…but chill!

So, the picture at the top of this post is where I want to pump my gasoline. I want to get out of my 1957 Ford Thunderbird…convertible, of course, and red…absolutely! I want to pump my gas as I stand beside that great car, and let the breeze blow my hair as I listen to the sound of the birds, maybe a radio in the station playing a great oldie. I will then go to the pop machine and get a nice, cold Coke, take a sip and then get back in that car and continue my travels. I will have the top down…of course, and I will be listening to some great tunes. Just the ribbon of road before me, with the wind blowing through my hair.

This is Monday. Make a decision to make it a great week. Take a few minutes to just pump your gas, listen to the birds sing and smell the breeze. Take a deep breath and enjoy just being alive. All the hassles will still be there when you are finished…believe me! The pictures below are for the car lovers out there. Have a great day!


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