A Journey of Senses

When you see this stone bridge, what thoughts and feelings come to mind? Where do you think it’s headed? Is the bridge itself welcoming or sinister with the gray rock and narrow path? Fall bridgeIt’s amazing what color and lighting, temperature and smell can do to transform our thoughts.

Picture in your mind this same setting in the winter. The frozen stream below, snow-covered path and charcoal gray branches shivering in the wind. If there is bright sunlight, the snow may sparkle as well as the sugared stream. You might want to investigate, breathe deeply of the cold, clean air as you crunch along.

Springtime would bring new leaves, swaying on their tender stems, sunlight shimmering on the gurgling water rushing through the stone arch. Maybe there would be flowers, painted here and there along the path. Birds would sing happily in the fresh air, joyous for the season ahead.

Summer would be bursting with dark greens, a canopy above as you meandered along the narrow bridge. You would stop at the highest point and observe the trickling, coolness below before continuing on your stroll.

Autumn has arrived. That is what has drawn me to this picture. The leaves scattered along the path, the water reflecting the colors in the sky. I can feel the cool breeze and smell the leaves and moist earth that only emanates in autumn.

The bridge is welcoming in all the scenarios described above. But let’s think of a very dark night and our thoughts change immediately. Maybe the bridge isn’t so welcoming anymore. You may not want to proceed down that narrow path. Each ‘splash’ in the black water or ‘crunch’ in the trees beyond may send you right out of that setting! Add a ‘dark and stormy’ night with the wind lashing at your head, branches crashing to the sodden ground…you get the ‘picture’.

Colors, lighting, temperature and smells play such a huge part in my daily life. They set the tone for so many things. I have purposely set up my entire yard to partake of all those items I just listed. Each season has its own set of the items. They are comforting to me in their familiarity and give me something to anticipate with the changing of each season. Without even knowing it, I think many of us are designed that way. Some of us just wallow in it more than others! Have a Happy Autumn!


2 thoughts on “A Journey of Senses

  1. “Wallow in it” is right! There are times when I go sit in our timber just for a hug. Sometimes it’s so quiet I can hear the walnuts dropping from the trees, and the skitter of the squirrels as they race to find them.

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