I’m under a ton of dirt!

Have you ever been under a dump truck as it unloaded a ton of topsoil? All that rich, dark, moist, soil pounding your head? Probably not, or you wouldn’t be here reading this! I know a load was about a ton because that was what I had delivered to our yard a few years ago. I remember it being A LOT of dirt and it made for some sore arms the next day, after I had raked it all evenly over the area I wanted it for.

That was the image that came to mind as I thought of this post. I have been buried in a ton of dirt and I’m struggling to breathe right now, much less move. We’ve all had times in our lives when we’ve felt that way. I venture to say more than one time!

I often ask why God doesn’t spread the misery out , just giving out little bits here and there. Then I could manage it well, put a little effort into the situation, take a little breather, sip some tea. I could quote some scripture to all my friends on how well I’m doing with the ‘little’ crisis, thinking I’m a superior testimony. I could then glide along for a few days, weeks, or months before the next ‘bump’ in the road.

But, no, God often sends the deluge, the dump truck of topsoil. When it rains, it pours, the roof is leaking and you don’t have enough containers to hold the dripping water. THAT is the reality of life and our Christian walk with God.

Why is God so cruel, so merciless at times…we feel? After all, love is about giving us what we want and not being too hard on us. Life is about an easy stroll through a fragrant garden if you’re a Christian. Right?

So VERY wrong!!! Use the analogy of your children. As a parent, you love your children. You give them what they want, when they want it. You feed them candy all day, fix only what they decide to eat, let them watch TV, talk on the phone, text…anything they think is best for their life. Because of course they KNOW what is best for their lives. That is how you demonstrate your love for your children. I had five children, and there was NO WAY that above scenario would have EVER worked.

I loved my children…actually I still do today. Because I loved them, they rarely ate candy, I decided what was best for them to eat with an occasional ‘treat’ of a meal for a special occasion. We didn’t have TV to watch and only rarely watched movies. Talking on the phone didn’t happen very often and texting wasn’t really an option  when my oldest three were still at home. But I can guarantee you it wouldn’t have been allowed very much. No, this didn’t make my life easier. Many times it made it more difficult and I had to stay on top of the pile. I did it because I loved my children, and I wanted what was best for them. Eating well kept them from being sick and energized their mind and body. Rarely watching TV or movies kept them from becoming a couch potato. Talking a lot on the phone would have been another time waster as well as texting. I was very big on ‘face-to-face’ communication. I still am. I think it’s a lost art form. But that’s for another post!

I did all this because I LOVED my children and I wanted what was best for them. I wanted them to be happy, well-fed, intelligent and competent adults one day.

God loves us! He does what is best for us in the light of eternity. He wants us to be well-fed on His word…pray without ceasing so our minds aren’t filled with fluff. Why does he send the deluge…the ton of dirt? To stay focused on Him and what is REALLY important in this life. If we had an easy road and what we wanted, we wouldn’t turn to Him for guidance. We would ‘have it covered’.

Be thankful for the ‘occasional special meal’, for the times that you do have a breather. God is allowing rest for your body and mind so you are strong for the next round. With each ’round’, you progress toward the person He has designed you to be. He’ll be there to rescue you from the deluge…in His timing, when He knows it’s best. Just as you would for your own child.


2 thoughts on “I’m under a ton of dirt!

  1. Wow, I was JUST talking about this with Kerry last night. Well, it was probably more like whining than talking. I was feeling overwhelmed with how it’s “just one thing after another” and when it feels like I’ve “recovered” from one thing, here comes one more. A deluge of little things that feel like they add up to that ton of dirt you were talking about. God is giving me ample opportunity to be refined. Thank you Lord! I think.

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    1. Yes, I TRY to remember to thank Him, but that pruning and testing REALLY hurts! Sometimes I’m not so grateful. I’m praying for you guys…maybe the truckload will become a wheel-barrow full for a while? 😉


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