I’m a Little Blue Today

I don’t have a cell phone, and most of the time that is perfectly acceptable to me. There is a huge part of me that loves to leave the house…and not be accessible to anyone. Of course, if my husband is with me, that is not the case. For a while I had a tracfone, which was great in case of an emergency, or to leave a simple message. Please get milk on the way home, Taco Bell for dinner sounds great, etc. If we are on a trip, I will use my husband’s phone to text, or talk to our children…until I get car sick. But generally, I’m not too attached to the cell phone idea.

But today, one would be nice. I’m in the midst of spring cleaning at our house. The first of April and the first of October our house gets a good go-through. Windows and curtains are washed, those awful mini-blinds that collect dust from nowhere are cleaned, bedding is switched from winter flannels and heavy blankets to cottons and light blankets. In the fall it is reversed. Ceiling fans are cleaned and switched to hot or cold weather settings. There is nothing worse than to turn on a ceiling fan that has not moved for several months. Those dust bunnies get the ride of their lives!

So today, I have been washing my kitchen dishes. No, not the ones in the cupboard, but the ones I use to decorate with. Our kitchen is an ivory color and I have blue and white dishes from Cracker Barrel that I have on the walls and shelves. I also have blue and white Currier and Ives dishes from my maternal grandparents. They are special to me because we had Sunday dinner on them. Now they adorn my kitchen. I love cobalt blue and I have several items to accentuate all the other items I just listed.  So, as all those dishes dry on the counter, I am posting this.

Now is when I wish I had a phone…not for the talking, texting aspect, but for the camera. Because who owns a camera anymore? And if you do, you are probably a photographer or a wannabe. Do they even develop film anymore? I would take a picture of my walls and shelves and share them with you. Because when all those dishes are just washed, sparkling, with the light shining through the cobalt…it’s really pretty!

When my husband gets home from work, I will have to borrow his phone. No, I don’t need to make a call, but next time…I will share the pictures with you! Happy Saturday everyone! Get out there and enjoy the day!

P.S. I actually have the above biscuit jar. This one is on Amazon.


What are your thoughts on this?

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