Go Above and Beyond…Always

It is never fun to sit in the hospital. Whether it be the emergency room, visiting someone or waiting for someone during their surgery. The only exception to this may be waiting to hear about a new baby…but there is still that hospital atmosphere. I don’t mind that atmosphere if I am taking blood pressure, helping someone to eat, and generally taking care of them. I really like that atmosphere then, but the other side is…difficult.

Yesterday our son had his fourth surgery on his left ear, his sixth ear surgery, and his tenth surgery since he was born. We have spent a lot of time waiting and praying. For all of the ear surgeries, they were way more complicated than the two doctors expected. That added several hours to waiting when we thought a surgery would be over in a couple hours. Those hours are scary for parents. Yesterday was the best day. Yes, we spent the entire day at the hospital…waiting, but it was good news…and somehow that makes it more worth the wait.

One nurse stood out in my mind…and she made the day much easier. She came into the waiting room every half hour or so, more often if needed, to give updates to the family and friends waiting for their loved one. Each person had her undivided attention, she explained as much as she was allowed and able, and she did it with compassion and patience…over and over and over. She sat and talked if needed, gave encouragement and let everyone know that she and the staff were there to help, just call.

This nurse was being paid to do a job, just as all the other hospital staff were, but she went above and beyond…and you don’t see that much anymore. This nurse turned our day around after we had been greeted and treated as if we were idiots when we first arrived in admitting. This nurse did her job to earn a paycheck, just as we all do, but many of us don’t extend ourselves and put our best foot forward.

Thank you to this nurse for her exceptional work ethic. It was appreciated yesterday. Let it be a reminder to all of us that we shouldn’t just work to get paid, but to make a difference if someone else’s life. And you don’t need to be a nurse to do that. You can work at Dairy Queen, drive a truck, or work at Wal-Mart. Make someone’s day special. It will be remembered.


What are your thoughts on this?

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