I Will Survive!

That moment when you end up with your breakfast down the front of your clean clothes…ready to start the day. Each morning, I try to make a smoothie for my husband and I, and our youngest daughter. I have been surprised about the merits of it. I sleep through the night now, no getting up several times or laying awake for hours. I generally go to sleep fairly quickly as well. So, those items alone have kept me drinking this in the morning for about three months now. Surprisingly, the two people mentioned above also enjoy it.


But, this it not a post about smoothies. This post is about all those frustrations in our lives, the little things that shouldn’t seem like much, but are. They are common to all of us.

So…that moment when you have slimy, green gunk splattered all over your clean clothes for the day. A new pair of hose shredded on the way out the door by an excited puppy, kitten or toddler. A baby spitting up or leaking on your outfit just as you are about to walk out the door for church or work. Rushing out to your car, late for church or work and seeing a flat tire. Again, late for those two activities mentioned several times…it’s winter and it snowed over night…no garage. And don’t think you can clear off everything but the top of a mini-van. The laws of physics prove that all that snow, some 200 pounds of it, will slide forward at your first stop…and bury you.

How about that time you were eating with friends or fellow workers? (Yes, they could be one and the same.) You managed to have that rather large bite of food land in your lap? Please let me re-word that. The time when that large bite of food slid off your fork, plopped on your chest and dripped bit by bit down your front until it landed in a soppy pile on your lap. Just going straight to the lap would have been way to convenient because you could have discreetly laid your napkin over it and pretended it didn’t happen. Icy weather is always a joy. You never fall by yourself…it is always in front of people. Yes, they do rush over to help, ask if you are alright. But wouldn’t you prefer to hurriedly crawl to a support of some sort and stand by yourself…again, pretend as though it didn’t happen? We will go out with a bang…something I know you all have experienced. That little bit of food, stuck between your teeth. It could be lettuce, spinach, a peppercorn…let your imagination run wild. You will always feel the incredible urge to smile, when this happens.

Now that I am older, the above scenarios don’t frighten me as they used to. And yes, I have experienced them all…more than once. Maybe I now understand that I will not die if I have food on the front of me or if someone sees me being stupid. I will survive and live another day to do the same. Isn’t life wonderful? Enjoy your day, food-covered shirt and all!


What are your thoughts on this?

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