Writing On a Cloud

After my system crash of a couple weeks ago and the loss of a manuscript…we decided to make some changes in my techno world. Not a good idea! As many of you know, I do not do very well with change and the computer stuff is about enough to put me over the edge. My daughter/editor basically said I needed a full-time office assistant to keep me out of trouble and protect my equipment. Something was said about me going back to a typewriter. Children…what do they know?

I do rely on my children, very heavily in the computer system department. Their fingers fly and work magic that I do not comprehend on any level. All my children and my sons-in-law have this ability. So, I am beginning to think it is a generational thing and not a problem with ‘moi’.

Anyway…I am trying again and my morning thus far has been rather frustrating to say the least. I now have a laptop for writing only…research if I absolutely have to, and a desktop for everyday writing, research, etc. I have written on a laptop for the past 6-7 years, so again, I am adjusting. As my daughter said last night, “Mom, just think about it like you used to.” Huh! Easy for her to say. I really do appreciate the larger monitor and I think I am going to really like the new keyboard…once I get used to it. My husband says I am hard on them…but I think this one will handle my frustrations. I do love the little ‘clicking’ sounds it makes.

My son and daughter said something about writing in ‘onedrive’ so it will be in a cloud and I can pull out my writing stuff whenever I need it, wherever I am. I don’t have a clue what that really means, but I think I have the format down. Actually, playing with clouds sounds kind of fun…they are so pretty and fluffy!



What are your thoughts on this?

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