Happy Birthday!

On this date, back in 1987, at about 2:30 in the morning, I had just delivered our first baby…a girl. It had been a very long three days to get to that point, involving several trips to the local, small hospital and then eventually an ambulance ride to Albany Medical Center. But she did finally arrive and she was a big one…9 pounds and 6 ounces. I was a little bruised and worse for wear, but elated!

On Christmas morning, she was brought to me as all the babies were, in a red stocking. The woman in the cubicle next to mine had had twins, so she received two stockings. I have always thought that was pretty special. With a little finagling, I was able to go home that day. I ate Christmas dinner on a plastic donut and our oldest was passed around like the best-tasting mashed potatoes, but I had my present!

Today this daughter has three of our grand-children and they live near by. She is my proof-reader and editor for my books…the computer guru that gets things done. She is the oldest, the bossy one and a bit cranky like me at times, but we all love her anyway.

Happy Birthday, to our first child, the one that made us truly a ‘family’ and paved the way for four more siblings. We love you, Baby Britt!


What are your thoughts on this?

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