A Rough and Rocky Road

Yesterday, I received the printed version of my book to proof. I opened the box, unwrapped the brown paper around it…and there it was!

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I wrote, ‘To Thee I’m Wed’ in 2007. For eight years I have reread, rewritten and prayed about this book, wondering if it would ever be published.

Every writer pours much of themselves into their writing. We write from our experiences, our dreams, our heartaches and our laughter.

The same is for ‘To Thee I’m Wed’. In 1994, my husband and I traveled a very rough and rocky road for almost a year. It stemmed from many situations as trials and tribulations often do. Things don’t just ‘happen’. There is usually a cause and a reason behind it. People like my sister and a friend named Vicki were there for me. They talked at all hours of the day, supported, helped with our children and corrected my thinking where need be. Believe me…it needed correcting many times!

So, in 2007, after writing four other books, I wrote ‘To Thee I’m Wed’, elaborating, thinking about what ‘could have happened’. So yes, this book has much of ‘me’ in it.

I thank God for how He worked in my life especially during that time. He helped me to grow in ways I never thought possible. He helped us to turn our lives back around and focus on what really matters. We had another opportunity, something many people never get.

Unwrapping my book yesterday, was the culmination of so many difficult times in my life. It was tangible proof of going on after testing and tribulation. For me, that was pretty emotional and awesome! I pray that those reading ‘To Thee I’m Wed’ evaluate their own lives. Think of where you are in your spiritual growth, what marriage means, what kind of sacrifices you are willing to make so you don’t become another statistic. Sometimes the right decision isn’t the easy one.


3 thoughts on “A Rough and Rocky Road

  1. Oh, dear friend! I’m SO, SO happy for you. I have the ebook downloaded, but would love a print version. When and how? And I’m so glad you had Vicki and your sister…to help you over the rocks and through the dark places. And I’m grateful for what God has done, and IS doing in your life. Mostly, I’m so thankful we are friends. I was lonely!! 🙂

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    1. Your friendship has been something so special to me! I credit you with getting me back into writing and helping me to have the courage to really try once more. It’s just wonderful to know you are only a phone call away! I hope you aren’t lonely anymore! 😉


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