With Honor and Integrity, a job well done

Well, it has finally happened. Tonight, on my way home from work, I was pulled over by a policeman for speeding. This has certainly been an area of pride for me…never having been stopped  for anything in 35 years of driving. That doesn’t mean I haven’t deserved it in all those years, just never been caught.

police carI was in an area that I am usually very careful in. I was thinking of other things as we all do when we drive. I happened to glance down and saw I was going a little more than I should be, you know how it creeps up on you? Just as I did that, I saw the black and white SUV, sandwiched between two other cars. I glanced at my speed again and corrected it, not really thinking of it again until I heard the siren. My first thought was how I was going to pull over for the emergency vehicle on the rather unsafe road. Then I saw the lights of the same SUV. I knew it had finally happened.


I slowed down and pulled over as soon as I could, and pushed the ‘down’ button for my window. A very nice man cautiously approached my vehicle and I gave him a smile. When he said I had been going a little fast, I nodded and admitted that I had. Then he said he would need to see my license and proof of insurance. That was the bad part.

My husband has told me over and over that I shouldn’t put my purse in the trunk in case I get pulled over. He said my license needed to stay with me. What does he know? He only holds a CDL and has driven a few hundred thousand miles in his career. So, I politely told the policeman, (with a smile of course) that my purse was in the trunk. He said I could step out and get it and then he moved away from my car. I told him he could get it if he wanted to. I think of that now and shake my head. Every blonde hair on my head is standing at attention. But all I could think of was that you are not to get out of your car when stopped. He told me it was fine and he followed me to the trunk while I explained, very politely of course, that my husband had warned me to not put it there. The policeman said it was probably the safest place after all.

I went back to my car and found my insurance and registration while the policeman looked up my information. Probably pretty boring!  I talked with my eleven year old and explained why I had been stopped. When he cautiously approached my vehicle again, he gave me my license and said he was giving me a warning to slow down and drive safely and told me to have a good day. I wished him the same.

This 50th year for me has been a difficult one. I wouldn’t want to live it again. So many changes, so many hard times. Now I can add my first ‘being pulled over by a policeman’ to the list! Someday I will look back on the year and see the growth in my life and the need for the things that have happened. Right now, I just feel buried.

All that said…I thought I would be in a panic when I was pulled over. Probably cry out of sheer terror, not trying to save myself from a ticket as I’ve heard women admit to. But I was strangely calm, panic free and just waiting to see what was in store. Thank you God, for your peace!

What stands out in my mind from this newest experience is the job these men and women do on a daily basis. That is why I wanted to write and share this post. As the policeman approached my car, he was cautious, almost hesitant and I felt badly for that. I would not want to be that person walking up to the vehicle. You would not know what to expect. Today, it was an older woman caught daydreaming. Tomorrow it could be a criminal or someone on drugs that pulls out a gun. We live in a scary, angry world.

police badge

I have two son-in-laws that happen to be brothers that would like to be policeman. I keep telling them they are crazy. But I also admire them and those that do have this job. It needs to be done and it needs to be done with honor and integrity on their part, respect on ours. So, this is a big thank you to all those out there doing this job everyday. And a ‘thank you’ to the one that stopped me tonight and reminded me very nicely of what my responsibility was. I pray you have a good day also.


2 thoughts on “With Honor and Integrity, a job well done

  1. hi Deborah, the police sure have a tough job to do sometimes. Not that YOU made his job tough! It’s just that every vehicle they stop could either lead to mayhem and madness or a distracted, but nice, woman like you. I love how you made this a teaching moment for your daughter…live action teaching, good work Mom! Thanks for sharing this story and being a reminder to recognize that the people who work in law enforcement sure could benefit with encounters of kindness.

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