th[10]th[8]When I was a teenager, the only ‘platform’ I knew about was the one we stood on during a concert in choir and some rather uncomfortable shoes. Well, they were uncomfortable until you got the hang of walking in them. You had to rely less on actual ankle movement and more on setting your foot down and kind of rocking forward on your feet. The group, ‘KISS’ wore some pretty extraordinary platform shoes back in the day. I always wondered how they didn’t end up in traction.

They always say you should write what you know. Or write about what’s on your mind. Well, my ‘platform’ is on my mind today. From what I’m reading and researching, the days of writing a manuscript and submitting it, being rejected and starting the entire process over are covered with white out. They are gone. Now you have to find someone actually taking submissions…(good luck) and then you need to be ready to market your book. Oh, and have a platform.

I’m still researching this and I’ve found a lot of amazing advice through blogs and websites. What I’m extracting from all this reading and research is that you need to have a group of people you are targeting with your writing and you need a following. You need people interested in you and willing to support you in your endeavors. One article I read today said the building of your platform can and should take place before you write or submit officially. That is my paraphrase. In other words, start building a following long before you contact a publisher. Who knew? Certainly not me!

At this point, I’m still trying to figure out the marketing of something I don’t have. I’m also coming to terms with marketing and selling a book because I already have a following. I’m kind of wondering about needing a publisher when I’ve already done much of the ground work. But don’t attack, I’m in the learning process here! I’m still thinking this all through. I do well with something if I can put it into terms I can understand and then apply it. (Exactly why Algebra and I didn’t mix!)

So, if I buy all the ingredients for a cake, make it at home, bake it in my oven, decorate it and then serve it to my loving family and friends that already know me and generally eat what ever I serve them…I’m good? If I have all the notes, thoughts and dreams for a story, type it on my laptop, share it wherever I can, make it pretty and marketable, my loving family and friends will read it…and I’ll be published? Sounds good to me!

Seriously though, I would appreciate any advice or things you have learned in this process called ‘writing’. Please correct my ‘take’ on platform or add to it. I’m kind of in the middle of nowhere and having a hard time finding the bread crumbs.


What are your thoughts on this?

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