Oh America…where have you gone?

AmericaI am battle sore and battle weary and it has only just begun. I know there have been many soldiers over the hundreds of years since battles began that know the feeling and emotions better than I. With Independence Day just around the corner, the timing seems just about perfect.

There has been so much on social media about the Supreme Court decision. Your mind goes into overdrive trying to sort through it all. Each of us has our own ‘take’ on it. Some are aggressively sharing their opinions, others take it all in and quietly pray about it. But we ALL have a mind-set concerning it. Even me.

For some of us, the decision hits close to home and family, for others it may not really change anything in their lives…they believe. But this will affect us all in one way or another, like nothing else has.

America was like no other nation. It was founded on Biblical truths…even our currency reflected that. Our presidents and leaders spoke of God and His leading and blessing for our country. Our schools started the day with prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. People came from other countries, my paternal family included, not so long ago. They came to be a part of this great nation where you could work hard and generally for the amount of effort put into your life, you could reap the benefits. You could own land, start your own business, have a family and raise your children in the way that you as a parent deemed best. You could worship God the Father, praise Him and thank Him for the blessings given to each and every person no matter your color, your background or material status. You were proud to be an American, you learned the English language, you fought for America…you wanted to be a part of this great nation.

But somewhere along the line…our ‘rights’ have squelched our freedom. No longer can anyone speak of God the Father without facing retribution. You are called names, made fun of. You may not pray to God in school or recite the pledge. You are not paid a fair wage for a hard day’s work. Who would want to when your hard work is not recognized? When all are paid the same whether you work or sit? If you are able to purchase land or a business, you are taxed out of it. If you marry and have children, the government is now telling you/threatening you as to how THEY deem it best to raise them. Oh America…where have you gone?!

I am battle sore and weary. I don’t want to fight and constantly defend. I want the God-given freedom this nation was reared on. But sadly, it is gone. God’s word is no longer foundational to the workings of America. The media and celebrities are in charge. It’s all about who you are, your material status and your level of liberalism. We are now a weak nation…ripe for the picking of socialism and being led to the slaughter.

Yes, this greatly saddens me. I fear for my children and grand-children, pray they are stronger than I for the adversity to come. America has been granted her wish. Woe to us! ISIS and other groups have seen this as well and they are reacting. I pray daily for those that have suffered already for America’s decision.

My hope is not here. It is in heaven. The sadness and adversity on this earth are only for a season. I am so thankful that I can still worship God, hide His word in my heart and pray to Him. No government or individual can take that away.


What are your thoughts on this?

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