Stop Thinking Just in Terms of Past-Present-Future

Stop Thinking Just in Terms of Past-Present-Future. In light of a wonderful evening service this past Wednesday, I have been thinking a lot on what our lives should be…what our churches should be. This post from Hope Stands says it all, in much better terms than what I could express, so I wanted to share it with all of you.

For any Believer that has said church is boring or I can worship God in my own way…you haven’t experienced the power of being with other like-minded Believers. God’s plan for us is to worship and learn from His word…learn about Him, with other Believers. This is His plan for the church-age. Yes, there are times when we pray alone, worship alone, study alone, but being with other Believers is HUGE. We are to pray for one another, bear one another’s burdens and keep one another accountable. We can not do that alone.

Maybe we should be more focused on what God’s plan is for the church and our lives, rather than our own plan. Maybe we should stop trying to entertain and match the world’s system of ‘bling’ in our church services. After all, if we want to go to a show, we can. God’s word, the place where we worship is not a ‘show’.

Thank you to all of you that were part of last Wednesday evening. It was a privilege to learn God’s word and lift our voices in praise and unity to worship Him and give Him the glory. It’s an honor to know that each and every one of you, ‘has my back’.


2 thoughts on “Stop Thinking Just in Terms of Past-Present-Future

  1. I love how the author refers to it as “Daylight Salvation Time”!
    Both the author’s and your post were encouraging!
    Thank you!


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