I am on my fourth week of no sugar and no flour. Yes, I do feel better. Much of the inflammation in my body has gone down. I have watched people around me eat cookies, cinnamon rolls, pizza, and ice cream. Surprisingly, it hasn’t bothered me too much. Maybe because I do feel better and I’m sleeping much better.

Watching this video was fascinating. I never knew you could do so much with macaroni and cheese! Those seven recipes just looked like yummy autumn fare for a brisk day. You try them and tell me how they tasted! 😉



2 thoughts on “Thursday Yummy!

    1. I’m finding that sugar and flour make me exhausted and cause a lot of inflammation in my body. I’m not going to say sugar is BAD, just that there are better, wiser choices at times, and if I have sugar, keep it under control. And that’s difficult! 😉

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