Beautiful Spring

I’ve shared a lot on baking for my past few posts. It’s something that I do on a regular basis…when it’s cold outside. But with warmer weather, I’m feeling the pull to be outside. Not to work as I once did…laying sidewalk, building rock walls, digging ponds…but just enjoying. I haven’t even mowed lawn this year. My husband has been keeping up with that pretty well. It’s a two-day job with our push mower. At this writing, I haven’t even planted my hanging baskets or pots for our front porch. That was typically a Mother’s Day goal.

What I’m feeling today is writing. I haven’t worked on my book in two months, and I’m being crushed by the weight of getting it done! With a writer’s meeting this Thursday, the weight is heavier.

I don’t like unfinished projects. But I’m not very good about completing one before I start another. My mind is always bouncing from one thing to the next. There is probably medication for that, and it would probably help my family and friends deal with me better. šŸ˜‰ But I do like to live in the moment and feel everything! My editor not only edits my books but keeps me reined in when I think of another book to write. Which circles back to the weight of getting this third book in my series done.

Everything beautiful! A sunny, spring day with flowers! Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

I found the above picture when I was looking through Pixabay pictures for a comment on Facebook. It made me think of my writer friend Julane Hiebert. When I go to her house for our writer’s meeting, a bicycle with flowers in the basket lets you know you are at the right place. It always makes me smile and think of Julane and being Julane. She’ll get that statement.

So back to writing, so I have something to share at the meeting on Thursday. I hope your spring is going well, and that there’s beauty, sunshine, and maybe a bicycle with flowers in the basket for your Tuesday!

P.S. The header picture is from: Image by jplenio from Pixabay



When I was younger…much younger, I loved to read. My favorite genre was biographies and autobiographies. I really enjoyed anything historical, and that is still one of my favorites. In high school, Victoria Holt became a favorite author. It always took a bit to get into one of her stories, but once you did the twists and turns took you on a wonderful journey.

I loved reading so much that I would rush through chores at home so I could find a cozy corner. To spend hours ensconced in a great tale was better than anything else in the world, in my young life. In teen years, I spent my lunch hours in the library reading. I could eat any time. But to have all those books at my disposal was more temptation than I could handle!


For me, reading was better than a TV program or a movie. I could read and the story would unfold in my mind. The characters would show up vividly in spectacular color, their features, hair and clothing all of my creation with a little help from the author. Landscape and houses would all come under my direction as each scene paraded through.

When I first saw these pictures, I was so excited. They show just what a reader does in an artistic way. Kudos to the photographers and artists that thought of this and captured it so well.

Reading a great book, whatever the genre, takes you to scenes in your head. The story plays out in your mind until you reach the end. If the author has done their job, you are involved and part of that. And it is in vivid color.

As the first picture shows, the sky is the limit with your imagination. Shut off the TV, turn off your phone and find a great place to read. A green meadow, a rowboat on a pond, waves crashing at your feet, or a chair beside a crackling fire. All make wonderful havens for the story to unfold.