Pray Without Ceasing

Good Sunday morning to you!

The title to this post says it all. We ask for prayer for our loved ones, our friends, to help us get a job, to be patient, and the list goes on. At times, I just need prayer for myself…without ceasing.

This video was from many years ago. Back when our family was doing concerts. Back when our three youngest children still lived at home, and only our oldest was married. There have been so many miles traveled since those days! So much prayer needed for our family, and struggles we’ve had. Just like any other family out there.

Here’s Catherine Emily singing. She has a beautiful voice now, at almost seventeen years old. Alyssa Lynn is on the mandolin, and our son, Nathan on the guitar.

Special memories!


Be Thou My Vision

I am missing our children this morning. Missing the days when we all attended church together on a Sunday morning. Missing the days when we sung together, lifting our voices…usually in song! ūüėČ

This song was one our children sung the day my husband was ordained at our church. They did a beautiful job, our son on the guitar, daughters harmonizing with him. The words were fitting for that service.

I made a copy of the song from the hymnal, and used a setting to make the paper look ‘old’. I then enlarged the words,

Be Thou My Wisdom and Thou My True Word.

Still Be My Vision, O Ruler of All. 

They are printed over the top of the music. This was hung in my husband’s office at the church, and now is where I can see it everyday, in my office at home. Seasons of our lives. I pray He is still my wisdom, my true word, my vision and Ruler of all.

This particular arrangement is also special because the woman in it is playing a Chickering piano. You don’t see very many of those. My upright is a Chickering and around 100 years old. My mother learned to play the piano on it, and she became an excellent pianist.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


La La Land…

is a phrase I said to my children on many occasions. It came into heavy use when they thought I was being too strict, or had given them too many jobs to do in a certain time period, or day. Basically, they were living in La La Land if they thought they would spend the day reading, or watching movies, or eating three pieces of cake for dessert.

And now, La La Land is a movie! I don’t claim to be a movie critic. Yes, I am critical of many movies. Too much language, too much violence, too much showing of actions that should be kept intimate, really turn me off. I do understand¬†that when making certain movies, you need to be realistic. A gangster covering his mouth and saying, “Oh sugar!” or slapping his adversary’s hand, probably isn’t going to cut it. But sometimes it seems a bit over the top.

I also don’t act, and I don’t know a lot about that profession. But it seems as though the talents of many actors had become more about what stunts they could do, rather than the dancing, singing, etc. that was once more about glamorous Hollywood. Don’t get me wrong. The training some of the actors go through to play a character is phenomenal, and I wouldn’t want to do it. But millions of dollars of phenomenal? I think it’s a bit over-the-top in my opinion. But let’s get back to La La Land!

My husband and I rarely go to movies. We have streaming and can watch pretty much anything. So to go to a movie and spend that much money doesn’t happen usually. And last night, I went with our¬†second oldest while our oldest daughter took care of five children. Thank you, oldest daughter! My husband would not have enjoyed the movie. War, crime, etc. are more his genre. But he would have loved the theater. It would have made for a terrific nap. Speaking of the theater, you can check it out here:¬†It’s pretty fantastic if entertainment in the movie and eating area are for you.


La La Land was a surprise for me. As a writer, I loved the little twist at the end. Just the kind of romantic, sentimental gesture I adore. The actors, Emma Stone¬†¬†and Ryan Gosling¬†¬†didn’t show the typical singing and dancing moves that the old Hollywood was so terrific at, but that could have been intentional. It made it more sweet, in my opinion. Ryan Gosling’s piano playing was a treat, and John Legend…well he is John Legend after all!¬† All of this combined with a nice story line made for a really enjoyable couple of hours.

And as I said, that was a surprise to me. I haven’t read any reviews for the movie. A really quick search on Ryan Gosling’s piano playing said that he had actually played the piano in the movie. I hope that is true, my sentimental heart wants to believe that’s true. It was wonderful to see pretty dresses and suits, beautiful scenery, and that song will be in my head forever!

La La Land! It was really special to spend a couple hours there.


A Concert for One

Sometimes you just have to share. This video was taken a couple of months ago now. It has taken me this long to find a way to put¬†it on here! Can you get anymore cute?! Oh, our son did a pretty good job with the guitar and singing too! ūüėČ