It Will Be Okay!

Some days the words to this song ring very true. As a human, I’m on a constant treadmill of making ends meet, and the day-to-day struggle of life in this world. It can be very exhausting at times!

This song is a gentle reminder to those of us that believe our home is in heaven, our hope is in heaven. A reminder that this daily life is but for a time.

Yesterday, I saw something that made me think. I will probably repeat it wrong, but you’ll get the general idea. It’s so true!

Spoiler Alert! I’ve heard the end of the story, and it will be okay!

Here’s some Jim Reeves for you on your Sunday. Have a good one!


Those Precious Memories

When in doubt, I go to Jim Reeves and his melodious voice.

Our memories mean more and more to us as we grow older. I see this every day. It amazes me what the mind can recall. I pray your memories are indeed precious and beautiful this Sunday morning. Have a wonderful week.



I think I may be on a Jim Reeves roll. When I was searching for hymns, I kept gravitating to the ones he had sung. Again, I love his voice!

Meal times at our house were always an important part of our day. We always sat down at the table, and we took our time to some extent. Saturday morning breakfast wasn’t as rushed, usually having pancakes, or something that took a bit longer to make. Rarely did we sit down for breakfast on a Sunday morning. I do regret this, but they were so rushed with getting out for church, we usually had a bowl of cereal, or a banana with peanut butter on it. I think several of our children hate bananas to this day because it was my go-to snack. In more recent years, with the leaving of several children, a burrito on the way to church was the norm. Sadly, my husband missed out on many of those years since he drove over the road. I need to make this a priority in our lives once again, even if it’s just the three of us!

I chose this particular video because I love the pictures in it. Kiddos to the person that put this all together. No copyright intended, just sharing a beautiful, heartwarming video. Suppertime was once a gathering for the family. A place of refuge after a hard day’s work, a coming home of a group of people that loved to be together. I think the pictures in the video depict that in a beautiful way.

Happy Sunday to you!