Cucumber Canoes

It seems as though everyone is on the band wagon about not eating gluten, wheat, dairy, or basically anything that tastes great! I must admit, bread has always been a favorite of mine. Not just any bread, but high-in-gluten bread like Italian bread, cinnamon rolls, etc. Adding cheese to it is even better. But I also know that as I get older, wheat just doesn’t sit so well with me. When I don’t eat it, I feel really good, and I lose weight. Sigh!

So, I wanted to share this recipe. It looks easy to do…my kind of recipe! It is a bit late for fresh cucumbers in our area, but this is still doable. The salmon one…not so good in my opinion! But these would be a great snack, or even a light lunch. I love the Tasty videos! They are fun to watch, and usually have upbeat music to get you into that cooking mood.

Let me know what you think. I’m sure the options are endless for other ingredients to add. Maybe some chicken, shredded cheese, a slice of bread on each side? Just kidding about that last one! Enjoy!